PtG Article 31.01.2012

Play the Game will be partner in EASM 2012

University College of Northern Denmark will host the annual conference of the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) in Aalborg, Denmark, on 18-21 September 2012 in partnership with Play the Game/Danish Institute for Sports Studies.

'Sport between business and civil society' is the overall theme of the 20th EASM Conference in Aalborg, Denmark, on 18-21 September 2012. It is the first time ever that the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) is holding its annual conference in Denmark, where the rapidly growing sport management environment is looking forward to sharing inspiration, knowledge and research with delegates from all over Europe and beyond. 

Almost 500 academics, professionals and sports leaders will meet in one of Denmark’s most attractive and lively cities to share the best and latest in the field of sport management. The conference is divided into a professional programme and a master student seminar. 

Extra Play the Game symposium

In addition to the scientific programme, Play the Game will run a symposium during the conference with invited speakers in order to give the delegates a chance to debate some of the most urgent challenges in international sport. 

“Hosting the 20th EASM Conference is a proud milestone for University College of Northern Denmark, which was the first educational institution in Denmark to offer a sport management programme that combines business with sports,” says the head of UCN Sport Management programme and chair of local organising committee, Per Justesen.

The conference venue of the 20th EASM Conference will be UCN Mylius Erichens Vej in the Eastern part of Aalborg. The UCN Campus is a modern educational centre with all the facilities necessary to host a successful and inspiring international conference.

Dynamic sector

The overall theme of the 20th EASM Conference 'Sport between business and civil society' reflects the dynamics and the rivalry between the traditional sports sector based on volunteering and non-profit values, and sport as a profit making tool affected by the growing commercialisation and professionalisation of elite sports and professional sports.

Commercialisation is increasingly seen also in grassroots sports and in sport for all, for example in the fitness sector, in mass participation events, and in other areas of the sports sector. 

Many countries and local authorities face increasing challenges in operating and financing public sports facilities in times of economic crisis, in encouraging volunteering and promoting sports participation to improve public health, and in keeping pace with rapidly changing participation patterns of the population in local and national sports strategies and policies. At the same time professional sport suffers increasingly from financial problems and poor governance, and on the international level a veritable arms race is taking place in the battle to win international trophies and attract large international sports events.

In this dynamic and complex environment, sport management plays an increasingly important role. Educational institutions, teachers, researchers and practitioners are challenged every day on their knowledge, skills and capacities. In this respect the 20th EASM Conference in Aalborg, Denmark, provides the perfect platform to share new research and experiences, exchange knowledge and to discuss contemporary challenges in sport management.

Please find practical information and the Call for Abstracts/Papers on the official conference website