PtG Article 10.11.2005

Play the Game publishes Statement on Integrity and Anti-Corruption in Sport

The final session of the Play the Game conference saw Jan Borgen of the global anti-corruption coalition Transparency International present the conclusions of a working group charged with the task of preparing a declaration on countering corruption in sport.

The document, which was adopted by the Play the Game on Thursday, was drawn up because, according to conference organizers, existing ethical guidelines in sport do not effectively prevent or detect corruption, or support bodies fighting for a corruption-free environment.

He stated that the document is designed for those working in all areas of sport – including administrators, sportsmen and women and journalists – to use it as a reference to hold government and officials to account.

The organisers of Play the Game, he added, believe that the world of sport is lacking a set of general principles for countering corruption and needs a concrete commitment to fundamental values of integrity, transparency and accountability. The statement recognizes the need for action and includes a number of guidelines for national sports associations, governments, the media and Play the Game itself.

Jan Borgen added that the statement, which was drafted with the help of co-author Hans Skaset, Professor at Fjordane University College in Norway, was never going to satisfy all parties, but is aimed at attracting the widest possible acceptance. He expressed his hope that as many journalists and sports bodies will adopt it as possible.

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