PtG Article 23.06.2006

Play the Game publishes conference magazine

Play the Game has published a magazine with articles from the 4th world communication conference on sport and society held in Copenhagen in November 2005. Download a pdf-version from our website for free ororder print copies priced 7 Euro each.

Almost 300 media professionals, academics, sports officials and business people from all over the world met at the conference to debate a number of serious challenges to modern sport such as match fixing, corruption, illegal doping trade and attacks on sports journalists.

Presentations and debates at the conference have been turned into journalistic articles which provide extensive coverage of a wide range of important issues such as  

  • The illegal doping trade
  • Corruption in international volleyball
  • Threats against sports journalists
  • Improving governance in football
  • The Balco affair
  • Olympic Games in China
  • The future of mega-events   

You can download pdf-copies of the full magazine or individual articles for free from this page at 

You can also order print copies of the magazine at 7 Euros each + package and posting + bank transfer costs.

If you would like to order printed copies send us an e-mail indicating the number of copies, you want to order, and your address. You will then be given further information on how to pay for the magazines.