PtG Article 11.01.2023

Play the Game employs new analyst to strengthen analytical competencies

With three full-time employees and continued access to expertise within the Danish Institute for Sports Studies, Play the Game intends to engage in more projects based on quantitative analyses.

2023 has come off to a good start at the secretariat of Play the Game with the arrival of a new analyst, Christian Le Coq, who will help strengthen the analytical foundation of Play the Game’s work on promoting good governance, democracy, transparency, and freedom of expression in world sport.

Christian has a BA in international business & politics from Copenhagen Business School and an MA in human security from Aarhus University. He comes from a position as sustainability coordinator at the Central Denmark Region and has previously worked at the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities.

“In Play the Game’s 25 years of existence, we have noted over and over again how quantitative data can provide a qualitative lift in the international sports debate, and we look forward to enhancing our future contribution in the field,” says international director of Play the Game, Jens Sejer Andersen.

Christian was chosen in a close race among more than 60 highly qualified applicants, and initially he will be included in research projects on the European Model of Sport and power relations in international sport,  and he will also contribute to Play the Game’s work on creating a foundation for an international anti-corruption agency in sport.

”Christian has an interesting educational background connecting economy and quantitative methods with extensive knowledge of power, politics, and international relations. He complements the other members of the Play the Game team and will be able to contribute with new analytical angles which can give a different perspective on some of the dark sides of sport,“ says managing director of Play the Game, Troels Rasmussen.

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