PtG Article 25.03.2015

Play the Game 2015 expands by one day, new dates 25 to 29 October

Opening the conference on a Sunday will make it easier to address the wider public and add a workday for supplementing activities. The new dates are 25-29 October 2015.

For the first time since 2007, Play the Game 2015 revives its habit of opening the conference on a Sunday afternoon. This means that the new dates of this year’s conference are 25 to 29 October, keeping the last day Thursday optional for partners to have their own meetings in direct relation to the conference.

“Adding a day to our conference expands the potential of the event without increasing the costs significantly neither for us nor for ordinary conference participants,” says Play the Game’s international director Jens Sejer Andersen.

Play the Game has increasingly become a gathering point for various groups that wish to hold their own meetings in connection to the conference. Offering Thursday 29 October as a vacant day will make it easier to combine those meetings with attending Play the Game 2015.

Opening the conference on a Sunday will increase the chance to involve the wider public in the host country Denmark in general and in the host city Aarhus especially.

Last, but not least, adding a day will reduce calendar conflicts for those NOC and international sports leaders who might want to attend both Play the Game 2015 and the ANOC conference in Washington later that week.

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