PtG Article 24.02.2015

Play the Game 2015: Abstract submission open

Play the Game invites you to share your expertise and submit an abstract for the Play the Game 2015 conference, which will take place 25-29 October in Aarhus, Denmark.

N.B. Please note that the opening day of the conference has changed from the 26 to the 25 October 2015.

When Play the Game opens its doors to this year’s Play the Game conference, we ask all stakeholders in sport to take a share in making strategies that address the multiple challenges that exist in modern sport: Match-fixing, doping, corruption, trafficking, exploitation and sedentary lifestyles, just to mention a few.

Academics, journalists, sports officials and other stakeholders are invited to contribute with knowledge, experience and opinions at Play the Game 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark, from 25-29 October – the ninth edition of a conference that has become a world leader in the international sports debate.

Play the Game 2015 will operate under the subtitle ’Global sport: Reform or revolution?’ and the main themes are:

  • The revolt against global events: A perfect storm for sport?
  • Governments vs. fixers: Will the rule of law beat the law of the jungle?
  • Good governance in sport: Setting standards, raising bars
  • A new World Code against doping: Anybody willing to comply?
  • The deadly disease of inactivity: Is the world ready for a cure?
  • Transfers and trafficking: The human cost of broken dreams
  • College sport in the USA: Unprotected amateurs in a billion-dollar business
  • Open forum

Share your story, research and/or knowledge about one or more of the themes and submit your abstract/storyline here:

Submit an abstract

Read more about the conference themes in the Call for Papers