PtG Article 24.05.2007

Only countries ratifying doping code should host international sports events

The importance of governments’ active engagement in anti-doping was highlighted during the WADA Executive Committee meetings on May 13 2007 in Montreal, which discussed intensified anti-doping demands for world’s governments.

The committee decided that countries not ratifying the UNESCO international convention against doping in sport should not be selected as hosts for big, international sports events like the Olympic Games and World Championships.

“Failure of a government to ratify, accept, approve or accede to the UNESCO Convention before 1 January 2009 or noncompliance with the Code by any Signatory may result in consequences in addition to ineligibility to bid for Events..,” article 23.5.1 in the World anti-doping code 2007 draft revision states.

Stakeholder’s comments to the code’s first draft revision version will be posted in early June 2007 at