PtG Article 30.07.2010

Nigeria National Sports Commission inaugurates anti-corruption unit

Following the federal government’s recent anti-corruption campaigns, the Nigerian National Sports Commission (NSC) has inaugurated a six man anti-corruption unit.

At the inauguration of the unit on Wednesday, the Director General of NSC, Chief Doctor Patrick Ekeji, said the unit is working to examine revenue generation at all stadia under the control of government, to advise on ways to curb fraud in the financial management and where certain procedures aid or facilitate corruption, and to organize seminars, lectures, and workshops.Dr. Ekeji said that the work of the anti corruption unit will “not only re-awaken the consciousness of the staff and, indeed, other stakeholders in sports such as the NFA, NPL and NIS on the need to re-dedicate our efforts at ensuring that the tenets of transparency and accountability are upheld, it will go a long way in instilling the much desired principles of prudence in the management of the public fund entrusted to us”.SOURCE: NBF News