PtG Article 28.06.2007

News in brief 28 June 2007

Upcoming conferences: “Doping and Public Health” in Aarhus, Denmark and “Beyond Engagement: Inclusion, sport and popular culture” in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Doping and Public HealthThe International Network of Humanistic Doping Research (INHDR) hereby has the pleasure to announce its second international conference: “Doping and Public Health”.

The conference will be held in Denmark 15-16 August 2007. The network, which is headquartered by Department of Sports Science, at the University of Aarhus, bring together a number of the world’s leading doping experts to discuss public health in light of the increasing use of doping outside elite sports.

The conference is open for everybody interested in the topic. Register by sending an e-mail to or via the website For additional information please se the attached programme or go to the website


Beyond Engagement: Inclusion, sport and popular cultureThe Substance annual conference, entitled “Beyond Engagement: Inclusion, sport and popular culture”, will be held 26 – 27 September 2007, at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK.

This conference tackles difficult questions about the 'far side' of engagement. What happens when sport and popular culture fail to engage? What role can the arts, fishing and other activities play? Do government initiatives, sports organisations and major events help or hinder engagement? How can we realise the value of engagement for young people? How can we make community consultation work better? What can we learn from international engagement strategies?

For more information, please visit the conference website