Call for action against all forms of corruption in sport


Open letter to the IOC President and the International Olympic Committee, gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark on the occasion of the 121st IOC Session and the XIII IOC Congress

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Open letter to the IOC President
and the International Olympic Committee,
gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark
on the occasion of
the 121st IOC Session
and the XIII IOC Congress

October, 2009

Dear President Rogge and IOC members,

Call for action against all forms of corruption in sport

We believe the time has come to act against all forms of corruption in sports.

We are alarmed that the sporting community is now in a situation where worldwide illegal gamblers and match-fixers are operating at all levels of sport. Their activities are a small slice of an illegal gambling market that is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and poses an imminent threat to the core values and credibility of sport.

Also, we believe that within a number of sports and national associations non-transparent and corrupt practices continue. For instance, the ISL affair in which a small group of leaders in international sport has cashed in more than 100 million dollars as secret personal commissions in return for TV and marketing rights should be met with a strong response.

We believe that there is a number of other forms of corruption in sport: human trafficking, money laundering and tax evasion. These activities are thriving thanks to the non-intervention of the sports community, local and national governments, sports sponsors, the media and other stakeholders.

We believe that the global sports community has an obligation to act as a role model of transparency, accountability and democracy if it is to promote positive social, cultural and personal values to society and youth.

The International Olympic Committee is the worldwide leader in sports. It has the moral aspirations as well as financial and political clout to show effective political leadership in this matter.

Therefore, we urge the IOC to take immediate, concrete and convincing steps to counter all forms of corruption in sport in order to safeguard the social, cultural and educational values of sport.  

We ask you to urgently consider all relevant measures, including

  • a definition of common standards of good governance and accountability
  • a strengthening of the role of the Ethical Committees in sport so they can be allowed to act truly independently and have capacity to sanction those who violate the rules
  • a modernisation of the way international federations manage democracy and transparency
  • mechanisms for exchange of information and intelligence related to corruption
  • and, if necessary, the establishment of an international anti-corruption institution for all countries and all sports

In a defining moment for world sport, we call on the IOC to take decisive steps.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Jefferson Kreek
Rower, Trainer, Author, Entrepreneur
Olympic Gold Medallist , two-times Olympian

Aidan White
General Secretary
International Federation of Journalists

Alessandro Donati
Member of the governmental Anti-Doping Commission
Rome Ministry of Health

Andrew Jennings
Investigative reporter
United Kingdom

Anne-Marie Dohm
Danish School of Media and Journalism

Bert Schaap
De Telegraaf

Bob Munro
Mathare United

Christel Schaldemose
Member of the European Parliament

Christopher A. Shaw
Professor, Author
University of British Columbia

Dave Boyle
Chief Executive
Supporters Direct
United Kingdom

David Rowe
Professor of Cultural Research
University of Western Sydney

Declan Hill
Investigative Journalist, PhD

Eduardo Galeano

Ezequiel Fernández Moores
Sports Editor
ANSA Latinamerica

Florian Petrica
Editor-in-Chief of Sport
The Money Channel, Realitatea Media

Gary Wicks
PhD, Associate Professor Emeritus
St. Olaf College

Gerhard Treutlein
Centre for Doping Prevention, Heidelberg

Henning Eichberg
Lecturer, Dr. Phil.
University of Southern Denmark

Henrik Brandt
Danish Institute for Sports Studies

Ivan Waddington
Visiting Professor
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and University of Chester
United Kingdom

Jan Mühletaler
M.A., Head of section
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Jens Brinch
Chairman of the Board of Play the Game
Former Secretary General of the Sports Confederation of Greenland

Jens Sejer Andersen
Play the Game

Jens Weinreich
Investigative journalist

John Beech
Head of Sport & Tourism Applied Research
Coventry University
United Kingdom

John Thrane
Danish Association of Company Sport (DFIF)

John Volkers
Sports reporter
de Volkskrant

Joseph Maguire
Professor, School of Sport & Exercise Sciences
Loughborough University
United Kingdom

Jørgen Povlsen
Head of the Institute of Sport Science and Clinical Biomechanics
University of Southern Denmark

Jørn Hansen
Lecturer, Institute of Sport Science and Clinical Biomechanics
University of Southern Denmark

Kaj Kunnas
Sports Journalist
OY Yleisradio AB/Finnish Broadcasting Company

Kim Schimmel
Associate Professor of the Sociology of Sport
Kent State University

Lasse Svensson
Chairman, County Sports Federation of Västmanland
Former national and international volleyball leader

Laura Robinson
Investigative journalist

Malcolm Clarke
Football Supporters Federation
England and Wales

Mario Rodrigues
All Sports Magazine, Mumbai

Mike McNamee
Professor of Applied Ethics
Swansea University
United Kingdom

Nikki Dryden
Human Rights Attorney   
Two-time Olympic swimmer
Canada /USA

Olukayode Thomas
Sports Editor
Timbuktu Media

Paul Einar Borgen
Marketing Director

Sigmund Loland
The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Søren Riiskjær
Director of the Secretariat of Sports Politics
Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI)
Tegla Loroupe
United Nations Ambassador of Sport
Long-distance runner, Olympic bronze medallist and tree-times Olympian

Terri Byers
Principal Lecturer Sport Management
Coventry University
United Kingdom

Terry Monnington
Director of Physical Education and Sport
University of Warwick
United Kingdom

Tine Rindum Teilmann
Board member, Danish Paralympic Committee
member of the IOC’s Women in Sport Commission

Tjeerd Veenstra
Director De Lotto
Chair Legal, Statutes & Members Committee, European Lotteries

Veerle De Bosscher
Lecturer in Sports Management
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Wladimir Andreff
Professor Emeritus at the University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne  
Honorary President of the International Association of Sport Economists France


For further reference please contact Jens Sejer Andersen

Director, Play the Game

+45 20 71 07 01



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  • soledad barahona, australia, 27.06.2010 10:28:
    i Am strongly agree with the content of this letter. Corruption in the Fifa lets fan and supporters with a sour taste snd anti futball attitude in countries where it is just become popular. What a shame!
    soledad barahona
  • Robert Lake, London, 03.11.2009 12:13:
    Robert J. Lake
    Lecturer Sport Sociology, History and Policy
    St. Mary's University College, Twickenham
  • Julian La Rosa, Trinidad & Tobago, 15.10.2009 12:09:
    We must do everything in our power to deal with the elements that use their position of power to act unethically. These individuals or groups of individuals have to be made an example of. No one is above the law.
  • Lillian Ikulumet, Kampala-Uganda, 13.10.2009 12:08:
    i do absolutely agree with the content in the letter
  • Catherine Ordway, Canberra, Australia, 13.10.2009 12:07:
    Sport & Anti-Doping Consultant
  • João Paulo Almeida, 08.10.2009 12:07:
    João Paulo Almeida
    Sport Manager
    Amadora Town Hall
  • Bob Munro, Kenya, 08.10.2009 12:02:
    The need for PTG is again (sadly) demonstrated by the fact that among the hundreds of national and international sports organisations worldwide, PTG is the only one to highlight and propose specific priority actions on these issues.
  • Russell Holden, Cardiff, Wales, 08.10.2009 12:01:
    I strongly endorse the sentiments of this letter and hope that it helps to fight battle against corruption in sport
  • Søren Bang, Denmark, 08.10.2009 12:00:
    Søren Bang
    Danish Institute for Sports Studies
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Pantelis Dedes, Athens - Greece, 07.10.2009 11:59:
    I totaly agree.

    Pantelis Dedes
    Athens, Greece
  • Sebastian Retzlaff, Grenzach, Germany, 07.10.2009 11:59:
    strong support!

    Sebastian Retzlaff
    Grenzach, Germany
  • Lasana Liburd, Trinidad and Tobago, 07.10.2009 11:58:
    We must do all in our power to address the elements that taint sport.

    Lasana Liburd
    Trinidad and Tobago
  • Željko Blaće, CROATIA, 06.10.2009 11:57:
    Zeljko Blace
    qSPORT - Queer Sport research and development
  • Tonci Kranjcevic Batalic, 06.10.2009 11:57:
    Tonci Kranjcevic Batalic
  • Charles Nyende, Kenya, 06.10.2009 11:56:
    Charles Nyende
    Sports Reporter
    Nation Newspapers
  • Sjoerd Litjens, 06.10.2009 11:55:
    Sjoerd Litjens
  • Eddie Goldman, New York, NY USA, 06.10.2009 11:55:
    Eddie Goldman
    host and producer
    No Holds Barred
    New York, NY USA
  • Arthur Moorshead, Melbourne, Australia, 06.10.2009 11:54:
    The only people that benefit from corrupness are the corrupters themselves.... this should be stopped now before it becomes impossible to stop it.
  • Tony Dong-Jhy Hwang, Taiwan, 06.10.2009 11:53:
    Tony Hwang
    Professor & Director, Graduate Institute of Physical Education, National Taiwan Sport University.
    President, Taiwan Society of Sport Sociology.
  • Susie Moorshead, Melbourne, Australia, 06.10.2009 11:53:
    Do we as sports people want to be associated with corrptness and all its bi-products? I hope not and I fully support the open letter to the IOC.
  • Pablo Alabarces, Chair, Doctorate in Social Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 06.10.2009 11:52:
    I strongly agree with the content of this letter
  • Anne Schwöbel, Switzerland, 06.10.2009 11:51:
    Transparency International Schweiz
  • Ian Webster, UK, 05.10.2009 11:51:
    Ian Webster
    Programme Manager for Sport, Tourism & Events
    Coventry University
  • Miguel Angel Salino, Lima, Perú, 05.10.2009 11:50:
    Miguel Angel Salino.
    Grado Universitario en Administración Deportiva.
    Comisión de Deportes del Congreso de la República del Perú.

    I support any action to be taken to fight corruption in sports.
    Apoyo cualquier acción que deba ser tomada para combatir la corrupción en el deporte.
  • Milan Hosta, 05.10.2009 11:49:
    Milan Hosta
    director, International Institute of Sustainable Development, Policy and Diplomacy of Sport
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Paula Botelho-Gomes, Oporto University, PhD, Portugal, 05.10.2009 11:49:
    I strongly support Play the Game's letter sent to the IOC President Jacques Rogge.

    Paula Botelho-Gomes,
    Oporto University
  • Erin Durant, Kingston, 05.10.2009 11:48:
    I strongly agree with the content of this letter. Its time for corruption to stop and for sport leaders to be held accountable.
  • JEAN PHILIPPE KONO AMOUGOU, Douala, 05.10.2009 11:47:
    First of all many thank's for the great initiativ ; I strongly agree with the declaration and the struggle against all form of corruption in sport
    Jean Philippe Kono Amougou
    Team Captain of Global Sports Alliance Douala, Cameroon and General Manager of PHILMAN SPORT MARKETING LABEL ETS Located in Douala Cameroon
  • Alejandro Wall, 05.10.2009 11:47:
    Alejandro Wall
    Sports Journalist
    Crítica de la Argentina
  • Juan Raúl Escobar Martinez, Bogotá Colombia, 05.10.2009 11:46:
    I strongly support the declaration and the struggle against all forms of corruption in sport.
    Raúl Escobar
    Coordinador de Programa
    Corporación Ocasa
    Bogotá Colombia
  • Steve Menary, England, 05.10.2009 11:46:
  • Steen Ankerdal, Denmark, Copenhagen, 05.10.2009 11:45:
    Corruption is the worst danger to international sport.
  • Daniela Wurbs Wurbs, Hamburg/Europe, 05.10.2009 11:44:
    As the European network Football Supporters Europe (FSE), which is currently representing about 2 million football fans, we hereby declare our support for this letter.
    on behalf of FSE
    Daniela Wurbs
    FSE Coordinator
    Football Supporters Europe
  • Steffen Moritz, Cologne, Germany, 05.10.2009 11:44:
    Corruption with all its diversities like match fixing, doping, bribery will kill sports like we love it. Fight for transparency in sports is vital.
  • Milan Hosta, Slovenia, 05.10.2009 11:43:
    “It is curious - curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare” Mark Twain

    Milan Hosta
  • Jonna Toft, Denmark, 05.10.2009 11:42:
    Jonna Toft
  • Heidi Deridder, Belgium, 05.10.2009 11:42:
    I fully support this declaration!

    Heidi Deridder
    Football Unit
    Ministry of Interior
  • Kirsten Sparre, Denmark, 05.10.2009 11:17:
    My full support for this petition.

    Kirsten Sparre
    Journalist, MA, Ph.D
  • Nuno Delicado, Portugal/Singapore, 05.10.2009 11:17:
    Nuno Delicado
    Director, athlete, sport manager
  • Michael Maragudakis, Oberstenfeld/Germany, 04.10.2009 11:16:
    This call has to be supported.

    Michael Maragudakis
    Inventor of a new indirect anti-doping approach
    Owner of the innovation consulting company MC Maragudakis Consulting
  • Denis Mowbray, New Zealand, 04.10.2009 11:15:
    My organisation fully supports the content and tone of the open letter, in particular the commnents regarding good governance standards, which are the cornerstone of an organisations values, standards and ethics.

    Denis Mowbray
    New Zealand
  • Efrem Efremov, Bulgaria, 04.10.2009 11:14:
    I strongly support Play the game letter sent to IOC. Congratulations !
    Professor Efrem Efremov - PH.D, Sofia University "Kliment Ohridski", Faculty of journalism, President of the Bulgarian sports journalists association.
  • myles mc corry, ireland, 04.10.2009 11:13:
    transparency in an independent body with decisive powers. congratulations to all above with the will , and effort to induce change.
  • Stayko Tsonev, Bulgaria, 04.10.2009 11:12:
    Stayko Tsonev
    Associate Professor of the Sociology of Sport
    Bulgarian Sport’s Pedagogues’ Association
    Scientific Secretary

    We strongly support the declaration and the struggle against all forms of corruption in all the sport and in all the countries
  • jesus elorza, venezuela, 04.10.2009 11:11:
    completamente de acuerdo con el contenido de la correspondencia.La lucha contra la corrupcion en los deportes debe ser permanente.
    Steen Bille,
    journalist at DGI communication,
    Danish Gymnastics- and Sports Associations
    Thomas O Tieche, Jr
    International Cinematographers Guild
  • Steen Bille, Denmark, 04.10.2009 11:10:
    I strongly support the declaration and the struggle against all forms of corruption in sport.

    Steen Bille,
    journalist at DGI communication,
    Danish Gymnastics- and Sports Associations
    Thomas O Tieche, Jr
    International Cinematographers Guild
  • Christer Ahl, USA, 04.10.2009 11:09:
    Christer Ahl
    Past President of the Playing Rules and Referees Commission at the International Handball Federation
  • Thomas O Tieche, Jr., Culver City, CA USA, 04.10.2009 11:09:
    I am in complete agreement with the content of the open letter released Play the Game to the IOC.

    Thomas O Tieche, Jr
    International Cinematographers Guild
  • Mario Goijman, Argentina, 04.10.2009 11:08:
    I fully agree with this declaration
    Mario Goijman
    Former Volleyball BOard Member
    Former President of the Argentina Volleiball Federation and CEO of the Organizing Committee of the 2002 World Volleyball Championship
  • Georg Facius, Denmark, 04.10.2009 11:07:
    As a national- and international leader in athletics for more than 40 years, I wholeheartedly support the contents of the letter to the IOC.

    However, I cannot help also calling the attention to
    ANTI-DOPING, where the measures taken so far are only reaching a little below the surface - see:
    GENDER TESTING where the huge, and so far neglected, problems have been highlighted this year - see:
  • Gustavo Pires, Portugal, 04.10.2009 11:06:
    WE strongly agree with the content of the letter against corruptin in sport.
    Best regards
    Gustavo Pires
    Forum Olímpico de Portugal
  • Hans B. Skaset, Norway, 04.10.2009 11:05:
    I strongly support Play the Game's letter sent to the IOC President Jacques Rogge on October 3rd 2009. Corruption in sport is threatening basic values and beliefs and has to be dealt with openly and firmly by leading sport institutions, especially the IOC.

    Hans B. Skarset
  • Berit Skirstad, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, 04.10.2009 11:04:
    I strongly agree with the content of this letter

    Berit Skirstad
    Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
  • Peter Donnelly, University of Toronto, 04.10.2009 11:03:
    Peter Donnelly
    Director, Centre for Sport Policy Studies
    University of Toronto
  • Mianne Bagger, Denmark/Europe/Australia, 04.10.2009 11:02:
    Touring Professional Golfer
    Ladies European Tour & Australian Ladies Professional Golf
  • Christian Dahl, Denmark, 04.10.2009 11:01:
    Christian Dahl

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