PtG Article 19.10.2010

New UN resolution on sport

A new resolution on sport was passed in the UN General Assembly yesterday, renewing the UN's support to sport as a tool for social change.

This year’s resolution is titled “sport as a means to promote education, health, development and peace” and promotes the use of sport as a way to empower women, prevent disease, strengthen education, foster development and facilitate peace-building.

The Special Adviser to the Secretary-General, Mr. Wilfried Lemke commented after the resolution was passed: "It is crucial that these resolutions are adopted by the General Assembly. The continuous commitment by the world’s nations to promote sport as an efficient policy tool and its capability to be used as a catalyst for development and peace is key to the success of initiatives at grassroots level.”The UN has placed increased importance on sport since 2003 by passing of similar resolutions. This new resolution continues the support given by the UN Member States to sport’s role in the achievement of the eight Millennium Development Goals as was highlighted at a round table in New York during the Millennium Summit last month.

See the resolution here