PtG Article 07.05.2007

New theme page brings all results from International Sport Press Survey

Now you can do your own analysis of the world’s most comprehensive data so far on the international sports press. On a new theme page, we publish the full data sheet and bring brand new analysis of the International Sport Press Survey 2005 that included 10,000 articles from the sports pages in 37 newspapers in 10 countries.

The survey’s results proves the fact that sport journalism is a self-perpetuating male universe with hardly any room for female athletes, female sources and female journalists. Only 5 percent of the stories have a female journalist behind the pen!

And the sport journalism is highly concentrated on few sources, contrary to tradition of journalistic professional standards which would require more sources and views in a story. 40 percent of all sports articles refer to only one source. 20 percent to no sources at all!

There is hardly any focus on the social aspects of sport in sport pages in the Western world. The sport press shows its interest in the cultural and many sided social aspects of sport in only 4,25 % of the articles.

In thenew theme page on the Play the Game website we dig deeper into some of the results from the International Sport Press Survey publiced by Play the Game, the Danish Institute for Sports Studies, and the House of Monday Morning at the end of 2005.

The survey was made by 14 research units in 10 countries and was in 2005 summarised in a critical journalistic article written by Monday Morning editor, Søren Schultz Jørgensen: “The World’s Best Advertising Agency: The Sports Press”.

Now, we have asked media researcher Martin Hedal from the Danish Institute of Sports Studies to add fresh angles on the survey.