PtG Article 30.04.2015

New free magazine about sport and sports politics

With a newly launched English version, the e-magazine Sport Executive, featuring stories about sport and society, will now be available to an international crowd.

For the past three years, the journalists behind the magazine Sport Executive have been digging out stories about sport and society, and have looked into important cases such as trafficking of children in sport, money flow in football, sports goods manufacturing and sports governance.

Until now, the magazine has only been available in Danish and as such to a relatively limited audience. But this week, Sport Executive has launched its first English edition making it available to a much larger crowd.

At Play the Game 2013, editor-in-chief of Sport Executive, Lars Andersson, shared his experiences in starting up a magazine that dares to go behind sport's glossy surface from scratch. Lars Anderson has also contributed to Play the Game with adapted versions of articles that first appeared in the Danish version of Sport Executive. This includes a series of articles about the buying and selling of under-age players in professional European football clubs. (

“Sport Executive was born out of our own search for a medium where we could find in-depth perspectives on the sports world – a place where sport, as an industry and vehicle for power, and where sport is examined from a societal point of view. This is what Sport Executive does, and now we are going worldwide in a language most people can understand,” says Andersson in the press release accompanying the English launch.

Sport Executive is a free e-magazine and you can download the first English edition here:

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