PtG Article 01.05.2017

New analysis places Sweden as the best Scandinavian sports nation

In spite of the many similarities between the Nordic countries, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Sweden outranks the other two when it comes to sports performance, says a new comparative analysis.

Scandinavian countries are very much alike in terms of club structure and welfare models, but there are differences in the way that elite sport is structured, says an analysis looking into how Scandinavian countries measure up to each other in elite sport. These differences could be a part of why the three countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, excel in different areas in elite sports.

While the Norwegians are almost impossible to beat in winter sports and Danes score relatively many medals in summer sports, Sweden is the strongest Scandinavian sports nation when applying a long-term perspective.

With its 10 million inhabitants, Sweden ranks among the three best in the sports nation per capita ranking and, according to the analysis, still has unused potential in the Summer sports.

The analysis uses quantitative results as the basis of its results and top 8 placements at international championships, historically (Olympic summer and Winter games) and contemporary (2013-2016) and is released by the Scandinavian Network for Elite Sport.

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