PtG Article 12.08.2010

MYSA helps Kenya youth kick their way to a better future

New video shows how the Mathare Youth Sports Association uses soccer to keep children in Kenya off of the streets.

The Mathare Youth Sports Associatoion (MYSA) is one of the foremost NGOs in the field of sport having grown from a locally organized self-help project in the Mathare slum of Nairobi, Kenya in 1987 to the model for sport and development projects across the world. One way in which the organization helps youth is by providing them the tools necessary to not only avoid the dangers of slum life (drugs, violence, prostitution, etc), but also achieve their goals by assisting them in their academic pursuits. The video attaches below highlights the life of a young girl named Bilha who receives an academic scholarship from MYSA. Bilha received the support for her outstanding community service, dedication to her MYSA teammates, and overall positive attitude. She hopes to one day work as a doctor.