PtG Article 29.06.2010

Mokoena: Domestic football must be part of World Cup legacy

South Africa captain Aaron Mokoena wants the country to get behind the domestic game in the same way it has with the national team at the World Cup.

South African president Jacob Zuma has promised that his government will invest in football's grassroots in an attempt to build on the success of the World Cup – but Mokoena believes that the public also have a role to play. "We have one of the wealthy leagues here in South Africa but it's important that the nation gives the same support to it as they have done to Bafana Bafana," Mokoena said. "This World Cup has to leave a positive legacy and that's part of it. Hopefully that will happen. "Development is absolutely important, and that's what the president has emphasised as well – that we have to really make sure that we pump in the money for development. It's good that the president is aware of this. It's important."SOURCE: Sports City