PtG Article 23.07.2013

McQuaid-challenger calls for new anti-doping measures in cycling

Brian Cookson, head of British Cycling, promises a full investigation into cycling’s doping past and a new and more active approach in the fight against doping should he succeed in ousting incumbent UCI president Pat McQuaid in September’s election.

The UCI presidential candidate published a statement saying that "this year's Tour de France has seen many heroic performances yet there has been a mood of scepticism and doubt in some quarters”. 

“We must act to change this situation so that the public can feel confident and cycling's great performances can be heralded not disparaged.”

In his election manifesto, Cookson revealed his plans to set up an anti-doping unit that is to be completely independent from the UCI and work closely with the world anti-doping agency WADA.

In a statement yesterday, Cookson added more detail to his proposed changes outlining seven further anti-doping measures that he would want to introduce if he is elected president of the UCI.

Among these are promises to instigate an independent investigation into doping in world cycling providing amnesties for those who come forward in order to once and for all be able to deal with the past, and to pursue doping enablers as well as riders. 

He also vowed to put an end to the feud between the UCI and anti-doping bodies such as WADA and to ensure more transparency, data-sharing and co-operation between teams, national anti-doping units and cycling’s independent anti-doping unit. 

"It is absurd that a sport that has suffered so much from doping has been in open conflict with the very people it should be working in partnership with.  It is critical that the UCI develops an open, co-operative working relationships with WADA and the National Anti Doping Organisations. This is crucial if cycling's war against doping is to succeed."

Cookson argues that the UCI needs to change its ways in order to restore the credibility of cycling. 

“The UCI has rarely seemed willing to take the initiative and it is critical that this changes as a matter of urgency”.

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