PtG Article 19.10.2011

Jack Warner repeats his promise of a tsunami of exposures against FIFA

After The Telegraph on Thursday 13 October revealed a video of him talking to the Caribbean Football Union about cash gifts, former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner is now responding with an open letter to Trinidad & Tobago Guardian.

In an open letter to Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner is once again sending a forewarning of a tsunami against FIFA that will reveal the working methods at the top of the football federation. According to the letter Warner intends to make public his 29-year role in FIFA in which, among other things, he went on a worldwide crusade with Mohamed Bin Hammam to secure the reelection of Sepp Blatter in 1998 and 2002 - a crusade where Blatter allegedly gave away what Warner describes as "gifts" to win the two elections.Warner also wants to reveal the conspiracy that is apparently in play to protect FIFA’s throne for Michel Platini, which required Blatter to get rid of Bin Hammam for the 2011 election.When the “tsunami ” will see the light of day, Warner does not mention in the letter, but he stresses that it will not be before the case of Bin Hammam has been resolved in the Court of Arbitration Sport (CAS). Read the open letter from Jack Warner to the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian.