PtG Article 10.05.2010

Jack Warner claims that Andrew Jennings is part of Trinidad Government plot to smear him

Jack Warner, the vice-president of FIFA, has accused British investigative journalist Andrew Jennings of being part of a plot by the Trinidad and Tobago Government to smear his name ahead of the country's General Election on May 24.

Warner, who is chairman of the opposition of the United National Congress (UNC), claimed at a political rally in La Horquetta that the scheme involved the Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Patrick Manning using taxpayers' money to have Jennings fabricate a story to defame his name at the eighth annual OffshoreAlert Financial Due Diligence Conference in Miami on May 4th.Warner and Jennings have had a stormy relationship. Jennings has consistently highlighted allegations that Warner, who is a special consultant to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation, has failed to fulfil promises to the players who represented the country at the 2006 World Cup in Germany and pay them bonuses of up to £80,000 ($122,000) each.Jennings has denied Warner's allegations. He told the Trinidad Guardian: "I have no involvement in your election."

As a further development to the story,Trinidad and Tobago was unable to see the broadcast of Jennings' presentation at the conference. CNMG television, the Government-owned station, was scheduled to broadcast Jennings’ speech, in which Jack Warner was expected to be the major topic. However, as Jennings began his speech, the television feed to CNMG was lost.


SOURCE: & TrinidadExpress