PtG Article 19.04.2010

IOC's Killy satisfied with Sochi progress

The International Olympic Committee is "on most accounts very satisfied" with Russian preparations for the 2014 Winter Games in its first inspection of Sochi's preparations since Vancouver passed the torch in February.

Jean-Claude Killy, the chairman of the IOC coordination commission monitoring work in Sochi, said Wednesday that the "progress is very significant."

Russia has less than four years to complete 30 arenas, courses and other facilities -- not to mention the 200 associated infrastructure projects. All Olympic facilities in Sochi are being built from scratch.

"We visited almost all the sites ... and we are absolutely impressed with what we have seen," said Killy, who swept all three Alpine races held at the 1968 Grenoble Olympics. The Frenchman said that "a lot is still to be done," but added that "I sincerely believe these games will be better than promised."