PtG Article 18.06.2012

IOC to impose ‘the strongest sanctions’ in the case of black market London 2012 tickets

A number of National Olympic Committee (NOC) officials and agents from a range of countries have been caught allegedly attempting to sell tickets for the London Olympics on the black market.

An undercover sting by the Sunday Times revealed widespread corruption among the officials controlling the tickets for 54 countries. The NOC’s are forbidden from selling tickets outside their country and to anyone who is planning to resell the tickets.

Still, undercover journalists posing as representatives of Middle Eastern ticket touts were offered thousands of the best seats for the top events by no less than 27 NOC officials and official ticket agents.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said in a statement on its website that it has moved quickly and has launched an investigation into the ticket dealings based on the evidence found by the Sunday Times investigation. 

“On being informed of the allegations, the IOC immediately convened an extraordinary meeting of its Executive Board and determined a number of actions - the convening of the Ethics Commission and asking for any evidence of wrongdoing to be provided to the Commission without delay. The IOC takes these allegations very seriously and has immediately taken the first steps to investigate… If any of the cases are confirmed the IOC will not hesitate to impose the strongest sanctions.“

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