PtG Comment 09.09.2013

IOC president election: It is going to be thrilling — one more day to go

Buenos Aires: The German Thomas Bach is widely seen as the favorite — and a first-round victory for him certainly is the most likely outcome. However, he would be ill-advised to solely rely on the support of the notorious Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah. When remembering the likes of Alejandro Blanco and Marius Vizer — you’d better be on guard.

Members of Bach’s entourage expect at least 42 votes in the first round — the number of votes needed to win is expected to be 47 or 48 votes. The exact number depends on how many members attend the session (unfortunately, IOC’s so-called communications department does not provide any proper information) and on who are allowed to vote in the first round (members coming from the candidates’ home countries cannot vote as long as the candidates are in the race).

The presidential candidates Ching-Kuo Wu (Taiwan) and Denis Oswald (Switzerland) are believed to be the weakest contenders. Likewise the task has become much more difficult for Ser Miang Ng (Singapore) since Tokyo were awarded the 2020 Games as Asia is very unlikely to get two “gold medals” at the same IOC session. So, could the Puerto-Rican Richard Carrión benefit from the situation? Or maybe Sergey Bubka from the Ukraine?

One thing is for sure — the more rounds it takes, the more dangerous the scenario gets for the favourite, Thomas Bach.

But who are Mr. Bach’s supporters? The following forecast is based on interviews with IOC members, IF presidents, longtime observers of the Olympic movement as well as journalistic research.

Information and projection is supplied without liability!The ListIOC members who are generally regarded as certain votes for Thomas Bach:Mr Vitaly SMIRNOV (Russia)

Mr Peter TALLBERG (Finland)

Mr Iván DIBÓS (Peru)

HE Mr Pál SCHMITT (Hungary)

HSH the Princess Nora of LIECHTENSTEIN

HSH the Sovereign Prince ALBERT II (Monaco)

Mr Lambis V. NIKOLAOU (Greece)

HRH the Princess Anne (Great Britain)

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad AL-SABAH (Kuwait)

Sir Craig REEDIE (Great Britain)

Mr Mario PESCANTE (Italy)

Mr Shamil TARPISCHEV (Russia)

Mr Valeriy BORZOV (Ukraine)

Mr Sam RAMSAMY (South Africa)

Mr Patrick Joseph HICKEY (Ireland)

Mr Ung CHANG (North Korea)

Mr Julio César MAGLIONE (Uruguay)

Mr Ottavio CINQUANTA (Italy)

HRH The Grand Duke of LUXEMBOURG

Mr Leo WALLNER (Austria)

Mr Samih MOUDALLAL (Syria)

Mr Lamine DIACK (Senegal)

Mr John D. COATES, AC (Australia)

Mr Issa HAYATOU (Cameroun)

HRH Prince Nawaf Faisal Fahd ABDULAZIZ (Saudi Arabia)

Mrs Nicole HOEVERTSZ (Aruba)

Dr Ugur ERDENER (Turkey)

Mr Habu GUMEL (Nigeria)

Mr Habib MACKI (Oman)

Ms Lydia NSEKERA (Burundi)

HRH Prince Feisal AL HUSSEIN (Jordan)

Mr Adam L. PENGILLY (Great Britain)

Dr Gerardo WERTHEIN (Argentina)

Mr Frank FREDERICKS (Namibia)

Mr Tsunekazu TAKEDA (Japan)

Ms Aïcha GARAD ALI (Djibouti)


IOC members who are regarded as potential votes for Thomas Bach in the first or one of the next rounds:

Mr Richard Kevan GOSPER, AO (Australia)

Mr Richard W. POUND (Canada)

Mr Willi KALTSCHMITT LUJÁN (Guatemala)

Mr Nat INDRAPANA (Thailand)

Dr Robin E. MITCHELL (Fiji)

Mr Alex GILADY (Israel)

Mr Toni KHOURY (Lebanon)

Mr Syed Shahid ALI (Pakistan)

Mrs Irena SZEWINSKA (Poland)

Mr Joseph S. BLATTER (Switzerland)

Mr Zaiqing YU (China)

Mr Raja Randhir SINGH (India)

Mr Patrick S. CHAMUNDA (Zambia)

HH Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad AL-THANI (Qatar)

Sir Philip CRAVEN, MBE (Great Britain)

Mrs Beatrice ALLEN (Gambia)

HRH Princess Haya AL HUSSEIN (United Arab Emirates)

Mrs Rita SUBOWO (Indonesia)

Mr Alexander POPOV (Russia)

HRH Crown Prince Frederik of DENMARK

Mr Barry MAISTER, ONZM (New Zealand)

Mrs Yang YANG (China)

Ms Lingwei LI (China)

Ms Danka BARTEKOVA (Slovakia)

Mr Tony ESTANGUET (France)


Find a list with more information on the IOC members here: