PtG Article 01.06.2018

IOC calls on athletes to contribute to new Athlete Charter

In a move to involve athletes more in the structural work of the Olympic Movement, the IOC is introducing an ‘Athlete Charter’ protecting rights and responsibilities of athletes. Initial components have been released.

During a meeting in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Athletes’ Commission this week in Lausanne, the initial components of a new IOC Athlete Charter were released. The Charter will establish fundamental rights and responsibilities for athletes and is meant to be an athlete driven initiative.

The draft charter, which was released in Lausanne is compiled on the basis of a survey of almost 200 athletes and covers topics like integrity, doping, governance, career, competitions and safeguarding.

The draft holds a total of 19 principles on athletes’ rights, while the athletes’ responsibilities are covered through 16 statements.

“It’s [the athlete charter, ed.] about empowering athletes to succeed in their sport, making sure their voices are heard, and ensuring they have the best possible opportunities during and after their competitive careers,” said Sarah Walker, Olympic medalist, BMX racer and Chair of the 20-member Steering Committee according to an IOC press release.

Next step in the process is to invite elite-level athletes across all sports to add their voices to the discussion in order to form this charter. Athletes can sign up and join the debate on a dedicated website.  

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