PtG Article 27.05.2013

IOC calls for global betting monitoring system

The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Founding Working Group (FWG) on the fight against irregular and illegal betting concluded its fourth meeting earlier this month with recommendations to set up a global monitoring system like the one used during the 2012 London Games.

“Irregular and illegal betting attacks the very foundations of sport, and our efforts to combat the threat require the commitment of a number of important partners, specifically governments,” said International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, according to the IOC website.

The proposed monitoring system should be available to International Federations and serve as information sharing, picking up on irregular betting activities in relation to large sporting events. The FWG further more urged the national sports betting regulators to strengthen their cooperation and information sharing with sporting organizations as well as betting operators.

The FWG also called on sports organisations worldwide to raise awareness of match-fixing and that educational programs be implemented.

The final steps in setting up the system are still underway, said Rogge.

“The setting up of a common sports monitoring system still needs to be discussed by the Olympic Movement, but the work undertaken by the Founding Working Group is paving the way forward and we have made significant progress since our first meeting in 2011.”

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