PtG Article 26.08.2010

Indian Government directs Organising Committee to pay off national federation’s doping fine

The Indian Union Sports Ministry has directed the Organising Committee of the 2010 Commonwealth Games to provide the Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWLF) an interest-free loan to pay off a fine imposed on IWLF by the International Weightlifting Federation for violating doping regulations.

According to Indian newspaper The Hindu, the Indian government has repeatedly requested the Indian Olympic Association to help out the IWLF, but the requests have been denied on arguments that it would be unethical and unacceptable to the IOC and signal a loose stance on doping. 

Indian weightlifters are hoped to win medals at the upcoming Commonwealth Games and IWLF’s fine must be paid in order for them to be allowed to compete.

“Sports Minister’s top priority was to safeguard the interest of Indian Weightlifters and ensure they get participation in CWG and other international competitions,” the ministry said on Tuesday, explaining their decision to make the OC provide the loan.

The Indian government could not have provided IWLF the loan themselves since India is signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code and the UNESCO Convention against doping in sport, but since the Indian government has provided the OC with an interest-free loan, their request is “easy”, writes The Hindu.