PtG Article 12.04.2011

IAAF first federation to introduce gender rules

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) today announced the approval of a set of rules regarding the eligibility of female athletes with hyperandrogenism to compete in women’s competitions.

The implementation of the rules was triggered by the controversial aftermath of South African Caster Semanya’s 800m gold medal at the World Championships in Berlin 2009.

At a meeting today in Daegu the IAAf concluded 18 months of reviewing issues relating to female athletes with hyperandrogenism and their participation in athletics competitions.

The review has been conducted by a working group and in close cooperation with IOC Medical Commission and has now resulted in a set of rules, the first of its kind from any international federation.

The rules, many of which deal with the level of androgen which must be under the male range in order for a women to compete in international competition, will be published and come into effect by 1 May 2011.

The key principles of the new regulations can be found in the Press Release from IAAF.SOURCE: IAAF