PtG Article 11.10.2010

Howman: Governments should unite against corruption in sport

At a meeting with Commonwealth sport ministers last week in Delhi, India, WADA Director General David Howman suggested that a global body, much like the World Anti-Doping Agency is set up to fight corruption in sport, especially gambling corruption.

"What we have suggested is that governments should look at WADA as an appropriate model to address other practices that challenge the integrity of sport," Howman said according to The Australian.

According to Howman, the Commonwealth sport ministers responded well to the idea and he will present his proposal at an EU ministers meeting in Brussels in two weeks and hopes that they will also see the need to tackle this troublesome issue on sport, The Australian reports.

At the meeting in Delhi, Howman also presented evidence of a connection between illegal gambling and drugs.

"We have evidence from Interpol and from Major League Baseball that the people who are fixing betting are the people who are involved in illegal doping," Howman said.

"The information has come from two different and unrelated sources who say the same thing."