PtG Article 11.06.2009

Goijman detained at airport

One of Play the Game’s most eagerly anticipated speakers , Mario Goijman, has been prevented from leaving his native Argentina to attend this week’s conference.

Goijman, the former President of the Argentinean Volleyball Federation and recipient of the 2005 Play the Game award, was denied permission to travel due to unpaid debts resulting from personal guarantees he gave when the Argentina hosted the 2002 Volleyball World Cup.

While Goijman expected world volleyball’s governing body, the FIVB, to cover the costs associated with the event. Its failure to do so was one of the consequences of the “Volleygate” scandal,  which exposed then-FIVB President Rubén Acosta as being responsible for false expense claims, dubious property deals and other financial irregularities.

Upon hearing the news, Play the Game Director Jens Sejr Andersen expressed his disappointment that Goijman would not be joining his many friends in Coventry,

“We are deeply saddened and concerned to hear that the misdoings of the FIVB seven years ago are still a blighting the life of Mario Goijman who has done so much to enlighten the world about how international volleyball has been mismanaged" he said. "When the mayhem of the conference is over, we will be sure to address this issue. I am very hopeful that the FIVB will be helpful in finding a solution for Goijman”.