PtG Article 02.07.2010

French agency questions UCI's doping tests

Pierre Bordry, head of the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) has expressed concerns over UCI’s newest anti-doping measure, the biological passport.

The biological passport gives a biological profile of the riders on the basis of several blood and urine samples taken over a year.

"The passport is not a good organisation for anti doping. I don't believe in the blood passport as it is done now," Bordry says according to the BBC, underlining that by taking a small amount of doping substances all year round cyclists can avoid the fluctuations detected by the passport.At the 2009 Tour de France the AFLD and UCI shared responsibility for anti-doping, but this year the AFLD has been denied participation.

Last year AFLD claimed that top riders had been getting special treatment on surprise doping tests and Bordry worries that the screening of samples by the UCI will not be as sufficient as the targeted testing carried out by AFLD in cooperation with the French police in 2009.