PtG Article 05.08.2010

Former WADA President raises questions over Armstrong donations to the UCI

The International Cycling Union (UCI) is now being criticized by former WADA president Dick Pound because of the donations it has received from Lance Armstrong.

“It would be in everyone’s interest to ensure transparency and to disclose what those payments were for, why are they made, how high they were and when they were received,” said Pound.A few weeks ago, the UCI declared that it had received two donations from Armstrong, in 2002 and 2005, totaling € 125,000. Floyd Landis has alleged that these payments were made in order to cover up positive doping results. Pound requested that the UCI gives a clarification of the matter and recommended to turn the case over to the ethics committee of the International Olympic Committee. “Someone might ask the question whether it is correct that an international organization accepted such payments by one of its most important athletes,” he said.

SOURCE: Bike World News