PtG Article 26.01.2018

Football Council endorses joint resolution on football agents and financial fair play

The Professional Football Strategy Council endorses a joint position on football agents to shape policy change by “potentially” introducing a cap on fees.

Earlier this week, the Professional Football Strategy Council (PSFC) met in Nyon, Switzerland to discuss the future of UEFA's Financial Fair Play and a set of potential new rules to be adopted to further strengthen Financial Fair Play and the long-term sustainability of European football. 

“All parties agreed that maintaining competitive balance shall be a priority for European football and stakeholders discussed a number of potential measures – such as squad size limits, the idea of a ‘luxury tax’, or ‘transfer tax’ – that might help to address problems of competitive imbalance,” writes the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

The resolution on intermediaries/agents is designed to shape policy change by introducing more transparency and accountability, sanctions in case of violation of the rules as well as potentially adding a cap on fees. Further talks will take place in the coming months, according to UEFA.