PtG Article 07.05.2007

First International Seminar on Sport in Post Disaster Intervention

The first International Seminar on Sport in Post-Disaster Intervention is to be held in Berlin, Germany from the 4th to the 9th November 2007, organised by International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE/CIEPSS).

The seminar will show how to use sport and physical activity in emergency and disaster relief efforts to rebuild fractured communities. It will include expert presentations and discussions as well as practical applications. Participants will gain practical experience in preparing for an assignment in a disaster region.

The seminar has been developed in close collaboration with international disaster management organisations. It is the first seminar of this kind which focuses on the importance of sport and physical activity especially in the first phase of the disaster management.

The seminar will introduce numerous opportunities to practice sports with traumatised people and to adapt sport and physical activity successfully to any conditions found in affected regions. The aim is to motivate and enable to integrate sport in its broadest sense in the participants work.

The seminar is held in English. Participants may sign up at