PtG Article 03.06.2010

Fifa slammed over “unhealthy” World Cup sponsors

Fifa has been accused of scoring a World Cup “own goal” by agreeing sponsorship deals with companies that sell “unhealthy” products.

The World Cancer Research Fund criticised the governing body for partnering with the likes of Coca Cola, McDonald's and Budweiser.

It said the tournament should be an opportunity to promote active lifestyles. Teresa Nightingale, the charity's general manager, said: "There is no doubt that when it comes to the fight against childhood obesity, football can be a force for good because it is a type of physical activity that is accessible to almost everyone.

Nightingale acknowledged that the existing sponsorship agreements were now in place but said it would be a great boost for public health around the world if Fifa announced that it would not consider companies that promote unhealthy products as sponsors or partners in future.


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