PtG Article 08.02.2013

FIFA reforms have some way to go: Second IGC report

The Independent Governance Committee (IGC) appointed to guide FIFA through its reform process has released its second report. Though the report welcomes the initial steps taken by FIFA, the report stresses that important figures in football still lack on vital areas such as accountability before a reform can be realised.

“The IGC has already in its first report of March 2012 indicated that “FIFA continued to be publicly criticized for its lack of good governance and transparency, reinforced by a sequence of allegations and incidents of misconduct by football officials”. This statement should be taken very seriously indeed: the lack of transparent structures and the culture of patronage affects the reputation of the organization and undermines its ability to lead on the way to ethical sports governance,” the report says.

The report, signed by IGC chairman Mark Pieth, also expresses disappointment in the lack of support demonstrated from the UEFA member organisations who recently issued a declaration rejecting some of the reform suggestions set forward by the IGC.

“Based on the recent declaration of the 53 Member Associations of UEFA14, the IGC is not convinced that some of the key opinion leaders in football have fully grasped the consequences, as it falls short of fundamental requirements of modern governance in essential parts.”

IGC’s assignment with FIFA is scheduled to finish at the FIFA Congress in May 2013 and according to the IGC press release on the report, the reform process is in need of independent observers to succeed.

“Finally, the IGC stresses that Governance Reform is just as much a change of culture as of legal texts. In order to ensure that the process is continued, it needs to be supported on ongoing bases by an independent body,” the press release says.

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