PtG Article 11.08.2010

FIFA now investigates allegations of player punishments in N. Korea

FIFA president Sepp Blatter confirmed today that FIFA has launched an official inquiry into allegations that North Korea mistreated some of its players and officials following their poor performance at this year’s World Cup.

Sepp Blatter stated that FIFA has written to the North Korean football federation on Tuesday to request information about the allegations and details on the election of its new president."It's a kind of investigation to tell us about the election of a new president, and if it is true, the allegations made by the media that the coach and some players have been condemned or punished," Blatter said.  "The first step is the federation and we'll see what the answer will be, and then we can elaborate on that."Last month, FIFA reacted swiftly towards both France and Nigeria following government interference in their national football associations, but has taken its time to react on allegations of interference in North Korea.

SOURCE: World Football Insider