PtG Article 16.07.2010

FIFA imposes transparency rule on WC bidders

The bidding processes for the World Cups 2018 and 2022 are nearing their concluding phase and in an attempt to heighten the transparency of the bidding for the event, FIFA introduced a new transparency policy in a statement this Thursday.

Offering benefits for specific behaviours is already forbidden according to the FIFA Rules of Conduct but this restriction is now being enhanced so that any plans to contact a FIFA Executive Committee member or a member association of a FIFA Executive Cmmittee member “shall be reported in advance and in writing to the secretariat to the FIFA Ethics Committee," the statement signed by FIFA General Secretary Jerôme Valcke reads.

The reporting “shall include an explanation about the reasons for such contact”.

FIFA urges the bidding associations to strictly respect this new rule, underlining that “Any violation of this principle will lead to an investigation by the FIFA Ethics Committee with possible sanctions in accordance with the FIFA code of ethics."

The reason for this tightening of regulations is, according to the statement, a wish to be able to “better monitor these contacts and also to preserve the independence of the members of the FIFA Executive Committee in the bidding process,” after FIFA officials were approached by bidding associations in relation to relevant bids during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. 

An investigation by FIFA's Ethics Committee into Australia’s bidding association is currently taking place after an Australian newspaper claimed that the bidding association had been offering FIFA members and their families gifts.

Read the FIFA statement on the new transparency rule (external link)

Read the FIFA Rules of Conduct for World Cup bidding associations (external link)