PtG Article 29.06.2010

Feud within the South Africa World Cup Organizing Committee

Danny Jordaan, chief executive of the 2010 World Cup organising committee, has accused committee chairman Irvin Khoza of a “malicious” campaign against him.

South Africa newspaper Mail & Guardian reported on Friday that Jordaan’s brother Andrew had been appointed by MATCH, FIFA’s exclusive ticketing agency, as its representative in the city of Port Elizabeth for about $25,000 a month.

“I know about the war he [Khoza] said was coming after the World Cup. This campaign is against me and how I cannot run or handle this event,” Jordaan said. “I know why so many questions are being asked about my brother. This issue has nothing to do with him.”

Last year, both Jordaan and Khoza launched campaigns for the presidency of the South African Football Association, but it is understood FIFA asked them to pull out to avoid that their rivalry damaged World Cup preparations.

Source: Sport Business