PtG Article 01.04.2016

Female footballers accuse U.S. soccer of wage discrimination

Players from the U.S. female football team plan to file a federal complaint charging the American football federation (US Soccer) for wage discrimination, writes the New York Times.

The U.S. women’s football team is paid far less than their male counterparts in spite of being the driving economic force for the U.S. Soccer federation. This is reportedly the content of federal complaint charging the U.S. FA with wage discrimination that female footballers plan on filing.

The complaint is signed by five of the top players on the women’s national team, but according to the New York Times, they are acting on behalf of the entire team.

According to the players’ lawyer, Jeffrey Kessler, women players earn as little as 40 percent of what players on the men’s team earn even though the women’s team has way more wins on their record, writes the New York Times.

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