PtG Article 20.04.2018

European Parliament invites youth to discuss solutions to sports corruption

Every second year, the European Parliament invites young people to discuss policies and strategies on a variety of issues. This year’s event will host a session on corruption in sports.

The democratic aspect of sport in in danger, says MEP Stelios Kouloglou, who will be leading a session on sports corruption at the European Parliament’s European Youth Event 2018 (EYE2018), inviting young Europeans to share their ideas on how to solve burning issues in Europe.

What can be done better in order to clean up sports? Should sport be held to a higher standard, should there be tougher demands for transparency and democracy in sports or should Europe stay out of sports policy? At EYE2018, the European Parliament asks for the input from Europeans in the ages between 16 and 30 as to how sport is best cleaned up so that the lost integrity can be restored.

“Against all odds, football still remains the most popular sport and for a reason. Iran can never challenge US supremacy in global affairs, nor can Tonga’s banana production compete with Germanys’ Mercedes. But their football teams can win against the North Americans or the Germans. Football, like religion, is always capable of promising miracles,” says MEP Stelios Kouloglou in an article leading up to the event.

EYE2018 runs from 1-2 June 2018 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and will host more than 8000 young people. The most concrete ideas stemming from the event will be presented to the MEPs and some of the best-developed suggestions will be sent out to parliamentary committees and receive MEP feedback.

The EYE2018 is open for all young Europeans aged between 16 and 30 (as of June 2018), registered as a group of at least 10 people, from any EU Member State or another European country.

A platform collecting proposals is already in place and is currently accepting ideas. See the ideas that have come in regarding corruption in sport and/or submit your own here.

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