PtG Article 08.09.2005

Eurobarometer on EU Citizens and Sport

The EU Commission’s second Eurobarometer survey on “The citizens of the European Union and sport” looks at the practice and attitude to sports within the European Union.

According to the survey 4 out of 10 citizens practice sports at least once a week. However, the practice is not very structured and often takes place outside clubs or fitness centres. The main obstacle to practicing sport is lack of time.

The majority of respondents point to mental and physical health improvements as the main benefits of sports and 9 out 10 believe that sports is especially important in fighting obesity.

In terms of attitudes to sport, EU citizens agree that sport transmits essential values such as team work, discipline and friendship and want to ensure a better place for sport in school programs. Sport is also considered a potential tool to fight against discrimination and help integration of immigrants.

One citizen out of two would like the EU to intervene in European sports issues, and 62 per cent approves of enshrining sport in the European Constitution.

Citizens of EU and sport - pdf-version