PtG Article 09.02.2011

ECA claims FIFA as autocratic and wants greater role in decision-making processes

The European Club Association's (ECA) 6th General Assembly in Geneva gathered representatives from the 136 member clubs, and the topic of the day was the greater need for democracy, transparency and certainty of rules in modern football.

Following the debate regarding possible significant changes to the international calendar such as a switch of the 2022 Qatar World cup to the winter by FIFA, the ECA expressed their concern related to the way matters of high importance are managed by football’s world governing body, FIFA.

“The time for monopolies is over. Football needs democracy and transparency. ECA Members all agree that clubs must be meaningfully involved in all decisions affecting club football. Now is the time for change", ECA Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge stated, according to ECA's website.Moreover the ECA raised concern about the massive strain put on players by the high amount of friendly matches played on international level, which interferes with the clubs pre-season preparations. ECA believes the players’ health should be a top priority and therefore proposes a number of changes to the future international calendar.