PtG Article 11.10.2012

EASM2012 keynote sessions on video

Now you can watch two more keynote sessions from the EASM 2012 conference. Lord Triesman and Jérõme Champagne talks about FIFA culture and equality in football, and Jens Sejer Andersen presents Seven sins of omission in sport and James M. Dorsey fills us in on football in the Mid-East.

The sport management conference EASM 2012, taking place in Aalborg, Denmark last month featured speeches from persons who have been very close to FIFA giving thier take on how FIFA should move on from its turbulant last couple of years.

Watch Lord Triesman, former head of the English FA and and former head of the English bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2018 call for a new leadership in the international football body.

Former International director in FIFA Jérõme Champagne stresses the need for an international football body with the creation of equality on the agenda.

In another plenary session, Jens Sejer Andersen, international director of Play the Game, presented seven areas in sport, where he sees the need for more research, and journalist and blogger James M. Dorsey talked about the challenges that Middle Eastern countries like Qatar, are facing in relation to thier upcoming roles as hosts of big sporting events.

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