PtG Article 22.03.2018

Director of the Danish Institute for Sports Studies/Play the Game resigns

Press release: After more than 13 years in the seat, Director of the Danish Institute for Sports Studies/Play the Game, Henrik H. Brandt steps down.

Henrik H. Brandt, Director of the Danish Institute for Sports Studies/Play the Game has decided to resign from 1 May 2018.

As part of a larger plan by the Danish government to geographically spread out governmental institutions to secure a more ’balanced’ distribution of state jobs, the main office of the Danish Institute for Sports Studies has been relocated from Copenhagen to Aarhus. A decision that has been an important factor behind Brandt’s decision.

”It is no secret that I am disappointed with the way the Ministry of Culture has handled the upcoming relocation of the institute to Aarhus and the general lack of support and understanding of the work we do here. Although the Ministry knows our working conditions, they have shown very little interest in supporting the swift, supple and cost efficient relocation that we have offered,” Henrik H. Brandt says.

In February 2005, Henrik H. Brandt was the first employee of the Danish Institute for Sports Studies tasked with setting up the institution that today counts 18 full-time employees and also comprises of the Danish Institute for Non-formal Education (Vifo) and Play the Game.

“I am leaving the institute with a great personal satisfaction and pride with the results that we have accomplished locally, nationally and internationally since the establishment of the institute more than 13 years ago. In my opinion, we have managed to create a professionally inspiring and innovative environment on the highest level for very modest means. I send my thanks to co-workers and employees who have taken part in the journey throughout the years. I am certain that the Danish Institute for Sports Studies will keep being a voucher for integrity, professionalism, relevance and curiosity when it comes to informing about and discussing the biggest challenges within non-formal education and sport,” Henrik H. Brandt says.

The board has accepted the resignation with regret. The process of continuing the work of the institute as well as securing important employee competencies in relation to the relocation are already in motion.

”Henrik H. Brandt has, in cooperation with his dedicated and competent staff, been decisive in building up an institute that has been a characteristic and powerful addition to the sports political environment, nationally as well as internationally. That is why I am very sorry to learn about his decision, but I understand his reasoning,” says Johs Poulsen, chairman of the board of the Danish Institute for Sports Studies.

More information:Chairman Johs Poulsen,+45 2010 3387