PtG Article 12.06.2012

Corruption probe of Ukraine's NOC

Ukraine’s National Olympic Committee (UNOC) faces corruption allegations regarding the selling of black market tickets for the London Olympics.

The results of a corruption probe conducted by the NOC’s investigation commission are set to be revealed next week.  The UNOC general secretary Vlodomyr Gerashchenko was forced to resign after he was caught on film telling a BBC reporter posing as a tout that he could sell him 100 tickets for the London Olympics. 

The NOC’s Executive Committee accepted his resignation on May 31 and decided to hold an Extraordinary General Assembly on this issue. The results of the corruption probe will be revealed on this Assembly. The actual date is yet to be set, but will take place one day between 14-23 June. 

The selling of tickets to touts is a criminal offence, and NOCs selling tickets in such a way is also a breach of LOCOG and IOC rules.

SOURCE: Around the Rings