PtG Article 10.05.2010

Conference Officials insist Jennings will not be gagged by FIFA

Organisers of an established anti-corruption conference have accused FIFA of scare-mongering tactics over a session to be given by controversial British investigative journalist Andrew Jennings.

Jennings, who has waged an ongoing battle with FIFA for the best part of two decades, is among the speakers at the annual OffshoreAlert Financial Due Diligence Conference in Miami where he is due to outline allegations of fraud within the world governing body.

According to the conference organisers, they have received a letter from the London-based law firm Cartier & Co, acting on behalf of FIFA, issuing a thinly-veiled threat of a possible libel action should Jennings' remarks include any "defamatory statements".

A press release issued by organisers insisted he would not be gagged.