PtG Article 08.09.2006

Chairman of Play the Game resigns

Michael Andersen has resigned his post as chairman of the board of Play the Game. Andersen has taken up a new job as director of the Danish elite sports institution Team Danmark and he is worried that it could lead to conflicts of interest if he continues as chairman of Play the Game.

Michael Andersen was appointed chairman of Play the Game by the Danish Minister of Culture when the organisation was set up in late 2004.  Other board members represent the three main sports organisations in Denmark and the International Federation of Journalists.

“I am sad to be leaving the post in Play the Game. It is a well-functioning organisation that has come off to a good start with the well-attended conference in November last year,” Andersen says.

But he believes the position with Play the Game is not tenable in the long run, particularly as Team Danmark also is a financial contributor to Play the Game.

Jens Sejer Andersen, director of Play the Game, hopes that the Danish Minister of Culture, Brian Mikkelsen, will appoint a new chairman in the near future as the organisation is currently in the process of consolidating its financial position and identifying new partners for collaboration.