PtG Article 19.01.2007

Call for papers for joint congress on history and sociology in sport

The international joint congress in sport history and sport sociology that takes place in Copenhagen, 31 July – 5 August 2007 is issuing its second call for papers.

The organisers are looking for papers within the following topics:

  • Sport and globalisation – processes, causes and effects
  • Sport ideologies and practices in various societies
  • Media and media sports
  • Global sport and its impact on gender, race and social class
  • Sport and the transformation of spaces, cities and countries
  • Body and movement cultures in a changing world
  • Hegemonic sport discourses and local/regional resistance
  • The past, present and future of mega sport events and the Olympic Games

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31 January 2007.

Support for scholars from low income countries

The International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport, International Sociology of Sport Association and local organisers want to encourage scholars from all parts of the world to join the congress.

Participants from countries with low average income can therefore apply for reducation or waiver of the congress fee.

Learn more on the congress’ website.