PtG Article 31.01.2012

Call for Abstracts EASM 2012

EASM cordially invites you and your colleagues/peers to submit a scientific or practical abstract/paper or poster to be considered for presentation at the EASM 2012 conference in Aalborg, Denmark. Young researchers are invited to submit a scientific paper for the New Researchers Award (NRA). 

The conference web site 

Call for Abstracts/Papers here

Go to the abstract submission page to submit your abstract

Topical sessions

In the topical sessions, topics of interest for abstract submission include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Opportunities, challenges and trends in sport management.2. Leadership issues in sport organisations.3. Tourism and leisure sport management.4. Global sporting events.5. Critical sport management issues.6. Sport fans.7. Sport for good.8. Marketing in and through sport.9. Sport policy.10. Governance in sport.11. Volunteering in sport.12. Participation in sport. Strategies and challenges.13. Operation and management of sports and leisure facilities.14. Sport media and journalism.15. Other sport management related issues. Workshops

Abstracts/papers are invited for the following workshops:

A. The contribution of science to practice in football. [read more] B. Elite sport organisation and management for world class. [read more] C. Sport policy: the significance of government. [read more]D. Sport policy and ‘hard’ times. [read more]E. London 2012: success and failure of national elite sport policies. [read more]F. University teaching sport management. [read more] G. Governance in international sports organisations. [read more] H. Volunteering in sport. [read more]I. ESMQ Special Issue: value co-creation in sport management. [read more]  The following workshops are open to participation but do not in all cases require abstracts/papers: J. ESMQ Editors’ workshop. [read more]K. Play the Game symposium. [read more]