PtG Article 30.05.2011

British MP wants international partnership to reform FIFA

According to Damian Collins, British MP, FIFA has lost its way and needs the guidance and support from parliaments and governments to restore trust and reform the football organisation.

In cooperation with grassroots movement ChangeFIFA, the MP has come up with a set of reform principles and urges MPs around the world to join an International partnership to reform FIFA.

“When a global institution of great importance loses its way, it is the duty of those entrusted with its care to chart a course of correction. When the leaders of such an organisation lack the credibility that is required to do so, a valuable function of parliaments and governments is to offer sound and independent intervention and support.

We call parliamentarians and elected representatives from all the nations of the world to register their support […] for a complete reform of FIFA […]”, says the statement on the MP’s website.

The headlines of the reform principles are:

1. Independent scrutiny2. Democratic decision-making3. Open and public governance4. Shared power5. Transparent Finances

Last week Damian Collins urged FIFA to postpone elections after the allegations broke to allow a thorough investigation of the claims.