PtG Article 30.03.2016

Brazil to investigate FIFA and national FA

The Brazilian FA (CBF) and FIFA will come under scrutiny by a newly established investigatory commission.

The Brazilian Chamber of Deputees has set up an investigatory commission (CPI), which will be looking into the allegations raised against Brazilian top officials in the national football federation (CBF) and the International Football Federation (FIFA).

Among others, the investigation will look into the allegations against former CBF president José Maria Marin, who was among the arrested during the May 2015 raid at the Baur au Lac Hotel in Zürich, initiated by the U.S. authorities. Marin is currently serving house arrest in the U.S..

Among the indicted are also Ricardo Teixeira and Marco Polo Del Nero, both former CBF presidents.

The commission will be headed by Congressman Laudivio Carvalho and the first meeting will be later this week, said a statement issued by the Brazilian Congress.

A similar commission is already in place in the Brazilian Senate and is led by former footballer turned senator, Romário. This commission, which was set up following the arrests in May, also has corruption in Brazilian football in sight as well as the organisation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

With the establishment of the two commissions, Brazil hopes to be able to promote positive changes in Brazilian football, writes

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